Music 256b / CS 476b | winter 2015
Music, Computing, and Design II:
Virtual and Augmented Reality for Music

Ge Wang and Kitty Shi (TA)

assignments | final projects | MCD

class: T+Th 6:00-7:50pm
location: CCRMA Classroom (the Knoll)
prerequisite: Music 256a: Music, Computing, Design I

course summary:

Aesthetics, design, and exploration of creative musical applications of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), centered around VR and mobile technologies. Comparison between AR, VR, and traditional software design paradigms for music. Topics include embodiment, interaction design, novel instruments, social experience, software design + prototyping. Coursework include, readings, discussion, design projects, and a final project in VR and Music.

This course is ONLY OPEN to those who have taken Music 256a/CS 476a (in any year), and requires instructor permission. Due to limited space, all students are required to submit a short application, telling us your interest in VR, music, and design. [Please submit application here!]

256b topics include:

  • exploring VR as a medium for creative design
  • design principles and patterns for VR and AR
  • experiential design and aesthetics of VR
  • binaural audio
  • interactive system integration (audio, graphics, networking, system logic, etc.)
  • gesture + mapping

    (to be announced!)

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