Music 256b / CS 476b | winter 2011
Mobile Music
(Music, Computing, and Design II)

Ge Wang, with Jieun Oh (TA) and Nick Kruge (TA)

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class: MW 3:15-5:05pm
location: CCRMA Stage (the Knoll)
prerequisite: Music 256a: Music, Computing, Design I

course summary:

This course focuses on the aesthetic, design, and implementation of mobile music, centered around the modern super smartphones (e.g., iPhone) and explores both the similarities and intrinsic differences between mobile and traditional computing and design for music. Topics include mobile software design, social/cloud computing, mobile interface design, and programming phones (iPhone) - in the service of music. Coursework includes several small design/programming assignments, and a final project. Prerequisite: 256a.

This course will use the iPhone as the primary programming platform, and will focus leveraging real-time audio, interaction, graphics, and GPS/location in the service of music. However, this is not a general iPhone programming course (nor is prior iPhone programming experience necessary). The focus is on the design, aesthetic, and development of cutting-edge musical software for mobile (we will learn whatever we need to go towards that goal).

256b topics include:

  • music + interaction + social design for mobile devices (e.g., iPhones)
  • audio/interaction/graphics/location programming for iPhone
  • social, location-aware music (technology + aesthetics)
  • case studies of mobile music research
  • hands-on building of mobile/musical software
  • clouding computing for for music

  • coming soon!


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