Music 256b Final Projects
Music, Computing, and Design II (Winter 2010)
Ge Wang

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  • Sequa by HongChan Choi
    An experimental sequencer for real-time algorithmic composition based on pFSA visualization

  • The Electachord by Nick Kruge
    A new, crowd-based instrument

  • ReactPad by Uri Nieto
    A music app: add pieces, create different sounds, and explore different shapes of music synthesis.

  • imi by Jieun Oh
    Sing, score, challenge, and more!

  • iDIA by Charlie Forkish & Jay Bhat
    A visual feedback system for a cappella training

  • LAMB (Leave A Music Box) by Jorge Herrera
    A social toy, where the user can create a music box and leave it anywhare in the world

  • Audio Diary by Roy Fejgin
    A social, location-based, sound-image game

  • Moebius by Adam Somers
    Moebius is a drum machine with a 16-step sequencer and a 16-track sampler with web-enabled file sharing and browsing.

  • YoUnite by Shiwei Song & Ankit Gupta
    YoUnite is an iPhone Application that allows users to contribute a recorded message in support of a cause and explore others' messages around the globe.

  • Exquisite Cache by Luke Dahl
    A social, location-based, sound-image game

  • nan by Mofie Zhu & Hugo Guo

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