Music 256a / CS 476a | Final Projects
Music, Computing, Design: Art of Design (Fall 2021)
Ge Wang and Kunwoo Kim (TA)

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last year: 2020 | next year: 2022

project prompt: "design your own interactive audiovisual software tool"
(all projects are created using Chunity)

  • ZETA by Andrew Aday Zhu
    musical bullet-hell game and commentary

  • wefjio by Nolan Miranda
    a cosmic rhythm game

  • LoopT by Jasmine Jones
    an audiovisual performance tool

  • Boxing Beats by Kiran Ghandhi
    immersive sample-based drum machine synthesizer

  • Subjectivity by Graciela Smet
    a computer-vision tool for reflection on self and the world

  • Inside by Jessica Yeung
    "a peek inside my room, and two of my friend's rooms :)"

  • CodySynth 3D by Cody Hergenroeder
    3D platform for spatialized sonic exploration

  • Entropy? by Dirk Roosenburg

  • TORUS by Isabelle Lee
    a live audiovisual performance tool

  • Light, The Way by Max Jardetzky
    an audiovisual maze experience

  • Sonified Tarot by Elena Stalnaker
    an experiential tool for reflective tarot reading

  • Train Ride Home by Alanna Sun
    audiovisual storytelling software, on the train home

  • re:creation by Tess Rinaldo
    an audiovisual narrative about design...

  • Blackhole—A Sad Toy by Kathlynn Simotas
    an artifact to faciliate shouting into voids

  • The Cocktail Party by Marise Van Zyl
    interactive audiovisual thing (and murder mystery season 1)

  • "Escape" Game by Ray Gifford
    a sonic escape room (and murder mystery season 2)

  • Hall of Unattainable Worlds by Grant Bishko
    a place of sound and memory

  • Bird Planet by Julia Xu
    an interactive audio-visual bird sound explorer

  • Squelchy (World War Zen) by Nibha Akireddy
    a toy to explore the weird, squishy, distorted headspace of a stressed mind

  • Omens by Jierui Fang
    an interactive scene on sea level rise

  • Dreamland by Julia Mills
    a journey through the world of dreams

  • Enchanted Forest by cae
    an experiential environment for exploring audiovisual consonance and dissonance

  • Change by Jasmine Shih
    a game-like experience to contemplate rising sea levels

  • roger bevins iii by Miranda Li
    a tribute to roger bevins iii, a ghost in George Saunders' Lincoln in the Bardo

  • Lock & Key Signature by Angel Fan
    an aural training tool

  • Sunday Nights by Joudi Nox
    an interactive song about presence and absence

  • Deus in Machina by Sam Lowe
    a power tool

  • 'Ahlam Amir by Omar El-Sabrout
    a topdown-2D musical RPG

  • Musical Operation by Sebastian James
    a musi-medical operating room

  • Emo Clippy by Yikai Li
    a companion that reads images and gives emotional responses

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