Music 256a / CS 476a | Final Projects
Music, Computing, Design: Art of Design (Fall 2020)
Ge Wang and Kunwoo Kim (TA)

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last year: 2019 | next year: 2021

project prompt: "design your own interactive audiovisual software tool"
(all projects are created using Chunity)

  • Letters To by Cynthia Jia
    a letter writer helper

  • Roomstep by Michael Wood
    imaginary electronic jam session simulator

  • BlockFall by Cameron Most
    "nothing we build will last forever and everything we build stays with us"

  • Puzzled by Jeffrey Zhouheng Sun
    music-infused puzzle solving experience

  • Lost by Raul Altosaar
    audiovisual narrative experienced from the perspective of a neural network

  • Should I Sleep by Champ Darabundit
    doomscrolling adventure game

  • Jamerson 9000 by Bradley Immel
    audiovisual bass practice tool

  • Walking OCD in Space by Jenny Wang
    playful walking simulator

  • Horseback by Estelle He
    literal cantus firmus simulator

  • Dream Pachinko by Victor Chen
    "sometimes it takes a little luck to take a break from reality"

  • Rave Stage by Kalyani Ramadurgam
    audiovisual stage as instrument

  • Darryl's Poetic Playground by Jared Hector
    sonified poetry creation tool

  • Hear the Shape by Hannah Choi
    shape-based audiovisual game

  • Information Superhighway by Noah Spencer DeWald
    travel down the superhighway!

  • NoDeLiVRY by Kathleen Yuan
    Tuning Mediation for one

  • Starving Artist by Joss Saltzman
    generative starving artist simulator

  • Smyth by Lloyd May
    game prototype as poem

  • Don’t Look Away by David Braun
    a poetic exploration

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