Music 256a / CS 476a | Final Projects
Music, Computing, Design: Art of Design (Fall 2019)
Ge Wang and Vidya Rangasayee (TA)

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last year: 2018 | next year: 2020

  • The Box by Jan Stoltenberg
    metaphysical question in binaural and immersive form

  • Embodied Dialogues by Stephen Weyns
    new frontiers for artful video game dialog systems

  • Compute Spittah by Brendan Larkin
    interative song writing tool

  • Limbo Valley by Marcy Reginald
    "can we enjoy the final beauty we have?"

  • pulse by Hank Tian
    interactive essay about crowds and kindred spirits

  • It's a Great Day by Andrea Baldioceda
    interactive social musical experience

  • Reveries by Kangrui Xue
    interactive short film

  • Home Alone by Samantha Silverstein
    musical metaphor of (overcoming) loneliness

  • Running Simulator 2019 by Ty Sadlier
    embodied running simulator

  • Escape Room by Vivian Chen
    musical (no-hurry-to-)escape room

  • Maze by Kim Kawscinski
    the gamefied maze and the artistic maze (are they the same?)

  • A Trip Down Market by Joseph Moreno
    nostalgic musical walk down market street

  • Rememory by Mike Mulshine
    audiovisual performance tool for action and memory

  • Mr. Rubato by Jeremy Raven
    rubato-mediated experience

  • Animal Farm by Haotian Sun
    happier place than that other Animal Farm

  • Car Simulator by Derek Chung
    game / musical driving simulator

  • Howl by Jeff Hassab
    a poetic exploration

  • The Promotion by Derek Quinn
    musical allegory for climbing the corporate ladder

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