Music 256a / CS 476a | Final Projects
Music, Computing, Design: Art of Design (Fall 2018)
Ge Wang and Jack Atherton (TA)

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  • Myna by Charles Foster
    short-form video game about the meaning of life

  • Audio Factory by Jingjie Zhang
    vivified audio programming

  • Barim by Jihee Hwang
    movement-modulated bamboo flute

  • PlantPals by Cara Turnbull
    sonic garden to care for your plants

  • The Nutcracker Music Box by Arkira Chantaratananond
    music-box inspired platformer game

  • Waypoint by Jonathan Vredenburg
    adventure game to evoke sense of mystery and calm

  • Foot Piano by Marina Cottrell
    piano for your feet, in VR

  • PartyWhale: Champagne Shambles by Gene Tanaka
    what does a whale love more than partying? more partying.

  • MusicFlow by Chen Ji
    interactive audiovisual improvisation tool

  • snake by John Knowles
    a sonic adventure of snakes each slithering to its beat

  • Aquaristra by Ryan Smith
    a calming interactive musical fish tank

  • Swirly Sounds by Elena Georgieva
    musical tunnel game

  • Ge-tar Hero by Midas Kwant
    rhythm game inspired by Ge and Steve

  • Sparkle by Jason Choi
    nonlinear audiovisual interface

  • MDP by Fei Jia
    keyboard drumming artifact

  • Anicca Garden by Belinda Mo
    walk(ing simulator) in mindfulness

  • Improvisation Helper by Shuxin Meng
    computer improvisation help and interactive partner

  • LifeRaft by Barbara Nerness
    last sail down the canyon in a dying planet

  • VocaLoop by Camille Noufi
    voice-based tone looper for capturing musical thoughts

  • Christmas Fish by Rachael Ridao
    christmas music-inspired flocking simulation

  • Vocalsynth by Amy Wang
    a puzzle game for vocal synthesis

  • Piano Run by Mengfan Zhang
    side-scrolling music game

  • Space Theremin by Bernard Wang
    trackpad-based laptop interface

  • E-I-E-I-O! by Cindy Zhang
    sound memory game on the farm

  • Dancing Canon by Miao Zhang
    dancing line-inspired music game

  • Vermont by Kyle Laviana
    mixed reality rustic cabin simulator

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