a full keyboard game

What is it?

Made using ChucK and Unity, Keyboard Orchestra is a game that requires two people to use their computers to collaboratively play music.

Anand Upender and Aswhin Agarwal

Who are we?

Hi! We are Juniors at Stanford University studying Product Design and Computer Science. We love creating moments of delight and making intentional design decisions.

Inspired by SpaceTeam and tooManyChefs

breaking the interaction boundaries of using a single keyboard


getting from ChucK and Unity to Keyboard Orchestra

The Process

Starting with zero knowledge of ChucK or Unity, this project had many large hurdles to overcome such as learning the basics of gameobjects, scripts, and materials in Unity to more interestingly, using the brand new and constantly evolving plugin, Chunity, to create real-time reactive audio.

The idea arose from a desire to make a humorous sequencer. I realize everyone in the class would be staring at their text editors for 20+ hours for this assignment, so why not bring the emotions attached to that to my ligh hearted step sequencer.

There were many hurdles along the mostly between communicating between ChucK and Unity. I spent four hours working on one architecture using a given methods and realize there was a faster way to implement it.


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