Music 256a / CS 476a | Final Projects
Art of Design for Computer Music (Fall 2017)
Ge Wang and Jack Atherton (TA)

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last year: 2015 | next year: 2018

project prompt: "design your own interactive audiovisual software tool"
(all projects are created using Chunity)

  • Vessel by Anna Tskhovrebov
    liquid choreography: fluid modeling + granular synthesis

  • Music and Evolution by Kunwoo Kim
    physics-based musical world generator

  • tapcompose by Dylan Freedman
    artificial intellgence with humans in the interaction loop

  • Unblind by Mark Sabini
    "When the sickness came, your sight was taken from you..."

  • Pitch Dark by Yuval Adler
    a 2D platformer ear-training game

  • interFace by Deepak Chandran
    a new interFACE for musical expression

  • Rover by Noah Fram
    a sci-fi game and philosophical exploration of futility

  • CuBall by Yijun Zhou
    a musical puzzle game

  • Nirvana by Ting-Wei Su
    a game. a path. escape the endless cycle.

  • Lost in Spoice by Brandon Wu
    audio-controlled synthesizer/space game!

  • Silent Earth by Dylan Hunn
    a simulation art piece

  • Child of Dracula by Sven Thole
    8-bit musical vampire slayage

  • MUSVUS by Jack Mi
    a music canvas.

  • HarmonAI by Kevin Yang
    ai music visualizer-generator

  • AudioViz by Noam Ben-Avi
    audio-modulated paint program

  • Pixel Bounce by Peiling Lu
    a beat-based 2D musical adventure

  • Tempo Run by Mu-Heng Yang
    a musical game inspired by temple run

  • Beat Delvers by Dennis Jeong
    miners. zombies. music.

  • Find the Lost by Xingxing
    an immersive and interactive audiovisual soundscape

  • House of Ambient Nightmares by Kyle Gustafson
    an immersive and interactive audiovisual soundscape

  • Keyboard Orchestra by Anand Upender and Ashwin Agarwal
    a two-player chaos of music creation and typing

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