Late days don't apply to final projects!


The format of final projects for this class is extremely open-ended. It can be an audio plug-in (AU, VST, AAX, etc.), a standalone application, a smartphone app, etc. The only requirements are:

Feel free to use any framework introduced in class (JUCE, Faust, STK, OpenFramworks, etc.) or that you can find. Try to implement the different principles that we studied in class: artful design, interactivity, standaloneness, etc. Your project doesn't have to be something that make sense: it could be a purely abstract piece of art. However, think carefully about every design decision that you make: try to create an "inner coherence" in the system that you will build – it should make a whole! For example, if a specific gesture generates a specific sound, and specific graphics, try to reflect on why it's doing that. In other words, your artistic and aesthetic approach matters as much as your technical implementation and will have a large impact on your final grade.

You should think about what the goals of your final project are: do you want to make a tool reusable by other people (in that case, a plug-in is probably a better choice)? Do you want to create a system for a performance, a video game, an art installation, etc.?

Depending on the nature of your project, different criteria will be taken into account for your final grade. For example, a plug-in might have less graphics involved than a standalone application, etc.

Milestone 1

A draft of your project should be available on git and you should be able to demonstrate it in class. Additionally, the markdown README file on your git should contain a short description of what your project is about, build instructions, a short documentation and a hand drawing/screen shot giving an overview of the different features of your project. Don't forget to send us the link to your project on git!

Keep in mind that we want you to create a webpage on your personal space on the CCRMA website presenting your project once it will be done. It is very easy to convert a markdown document to an html file using pandoc for example. Thus, if your README file is well written, you should only have to convert it to an html file and place on your web directory on the CCRMA server which shouldn't take more than 5 minutes. If you've never done that, check this wiki page.

Milestone 2

All the main features of your project should be implemented and pushed on git. You should have a draft of the README/documentation written. You should be able to present your advancement in class.


Final Deliverables