Nick Gang's Sound Cave

Nick Gang's Pot-Smoking "Sound Cave"

Due dates:

In this homework, you will make an "artful software" using OpenFrameworks that will:

You really should think in terms of artful design for this homework: try to make a coherent system acting as a whole rather than a "purely technical object" just fulfilling the homework's technical requirements. Spend some time thinking about what type of graphics fits the idea you're trying to convey and how they interact with the audio effect and the user input.

This could be a sound visualizer, a musical video game, a purely abstract interactive piece of art, etc. Feel free to add an audio input to your project a base the sound design part of this assignment on some kind of audio effect.


Starter/Example Codes


Milestone 0

Be preprared to present you overall design and ideas for this homework.

Milestone 1

You should have a working program representing some portion of your final goal.

Final Deliverable


  • Rahul Agnihotri
  • Ziheng Chen
  • Orchisama Das
  • Walker Davis
  • Graham Davis
  • Victoria Grace
  • Cheng Gu
  • Ron Guglielmone
  • Matt Herrero
  • Mark Hertensteiner
  • Adam Jaffe
  • Megan Jurek
  • Hemanth Kini
  • Paula Kusumaputri
  • Yuan Li
  • Prateek Murgai
  • Michael Olsen
  • Mark Rau
  • Jeff Setter
  • Juan Sierra
  • Hanze Tu
  • Maggie Xu
  • Shenli Yuan