Due date: Oct. 24, 2016 (extended to Oct. 26)

The goal of this homework is to make a MIDI controllable synthesizer plug-in! Unlike previous homeworks, you are required this time to make a plug-in (not a standalone application). The format of your plug-in (VST, AU, etc.) is up to you, just be aware that the only fully cross-platform format is VST. If you don't have a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) installed on your system or if you never used one, we recommend that you use Audacity or Ardour. Ardour is a more advanced software than Audacity but it is also harder to use. Another option is to use the audio plugin host available in the examples folder of the JUCE distribution.

The format of your final product is extremely open and totally up you. The only requirements are:

Design your interface the way you want (it can have a keyboard, or not, etc.) but it should look good! In case your lacking inspiration, check out this article on the 50 best VST/AU plugin synths in the world today.

Feel free to use any framework to make your DSP module: Faust, the STK, etc.

There are MIDI keyboards available in studio D and E at CCRMA. If you want to use them, do it inside the studio (don't move the keyboards). Studios can be booked through the CCRMA room booking system. Try to not monopolize studios this week by booking one of them for one full day since some of your classmates will probably want to use them too.

Finally, feel free to reuse material from previous homeworks if you think that it will save you a little bit of time.


Final Deliverable


  • Rahul Agnihotri
  • Ziheng Chen
  • Orchisama Das
  • Walker Davis
  • Graham Davis
  • Victoria Grace
  • Cheng Gu
  • Ron Guglielmone
  • Mark Hertensteiner
  • Adam Jaffe
  • Megan Jurek
  • Hemanth Kini
  • Yuan Li
  • Prateek Murgai
  • Michael Olsen
  • Mark Rau
  • Jeff Setter
  • Juan Sierra
  • Hanze Tu
  • Maggie Xu
  • Shenli Yuan