Music 256a / CS 476a | Final Projects
Art of Design for Computer Music (Fall 2015)
Ge Wang and Tim O'Brien (TA)

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  • Chorest by Jack Atherton
    your personal musical chord forest for relaxation

  • Plinket by Andrew Lee
    physics-based musical world generator

  • Sound Surfer by Ben-Han Sung
    an acoustics-inspired physics-mediated sonic puzzle game

  • Laptop Accordion by Sanjay Kannan and Aidan Meacham
    yes, a laptop accordion

  • Deeply by Jennifer Farman
    audiovisual meditative breathing tool

  • Sonic Sculpting by Michael Mara
    a playful voice-mediated sculpting ground in the sky

  • ZoneRush Maxima by Xiaonan Tong and Casey Cabrales
    audio-feature driven, synchronized musical shooter game

  • Sound Ball Collider by Yuchen Li
    interactive ball mayhem game

  • Auria by Paul Batchelor
    a musical, phase-vocoder powered XYZ interface

  • SoundPaint by Robert Colcord
    audiovisual painting tool

  • Sycorax by Ross Dunkel
    vector-graphics ear training game; homage to Tempest (1981)

  • SoundCave by Nick Gang
    3-dimensional audiovisual relaxation experience

  • Ear Training Defense by Mark Kwon
    tower defense game for ear training

  • Garden by Duc Nguyen
    brain-garden interface

  • Tunnel by Max Wolff
    minimalist tunnel simulator

  • Sonic File System by Doron Robert-Kedes
    your file system, in space

  • BeatTD by Eddie Wang
    beat-based tower defense game

  • warbl by Ben Williams
    voice-controlled side-scroller

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