Music 256a / CS 476a | Final Projects
Music, Computing, and Design (Fall 2014)
Ge Wang

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  • Keeper of the Nocturne by Jimmy Lee and Anthony Mainero
    musical game of loneliness and relationships

  • CubicaDuel by Jorge Aguirre
    beat division duel against the computer

  • Squeak by Andrew Forsyth and Ethan Gellar
    text & audio-driven mouse detective adventure

  • Tap-Dancer by Cooper Newby
    vintage video mashup

  • Buccaneer 2070 by Matt Vitelli
    sci-fi robot pirate epic with melodic abilities

  • Eruption! by Henry Thiemann
    volcano-mediated rhythm endless runner game

  • Note Bomber by Kai-Chieh Huang
    chord combo bombo game

  • World Blendz by Adebia Ntoso
    international music mixer

  • RockNSnake by Li-Fan Yu
    networked snake-mediated sequencer battle

  • ImprovArt by Emily Graber
    interactive performance visualization & tool

  • takeTwo by Micah Arvey
    interactive musical game

  • DanceFloor by Alexander Hsu
    rhythm game with a twist

  • Tempora by Gabriele Carotti-Sha
    audio-visual composition tool

  • FoxyTale Winter Edition by Sina Lin and Jia Wen Li
    musical winterland game on speed

  • Virtual Bass by Warren Lee
    leap-motion virtual bass instrument

  • Guitar Fiend by Forrest Browning
    interative guitar chord boot camp

  • AudioClimber by Matthew Pick
    sound-controlled platform madness

  • L'accompanier by Trijeet Mukhopadhyay
    live drum and bass accompaniment generator

  • The Raga Box by Erich Peske
    audio-visual raga machine

  • Home by Joshua Cornado
    engine audio-visual interactive play

  • Roast Mochi by Shu Yu Lin
    mochi-themed pitch training

  • Fantastic Fantasy by Melanie Goldstein
    audio-visual theme + variation explorer

  • Listen, Aim, Fire! by Matt Cooper
    audio-only target training game

  • Web Guitar by Catherine Mullings
    web-based spider game

  • Hill by Matt Horton
    audio-visual accompaniment for spoken word poetry

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