Music 256a / CS 476a | Final Projects
Music, Computing, and Design (Fall 2013)
Ge Wang

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  • CollideFX by Chet Gnegy
    physics-based graphical effects processor/playground

  • Swirl by Tim O'Brien, Reza Payami and Haley Sayres
    networked virtual world/canvas for musical exploration

  • Chordrina by Zhengshan Shi and Jianfeng Hu
    an interactive app for chord learning

  • Xenakis Synth by Elliot Kermit-Canfield
    Xenakis-inspired graphical composition scratchpad

  • Sardines by Hana Shin
    an underwater sound explorer

  • Muza by David Grunzweig
    an sound-enhanced interactive artificial intelligence

  • Sound Painter by Daniel Noe
    sonic-infused paint brush

  • Theremax by Myles Borins
    heard of a Theremin? well here is the Theramax!

  • birdsong by Holly Jachowski
    voice-controlled interactive game

  • BeatJ by Catalin Voss
    real-time beat discovery DJ instrument

  • For The Birds by Meredith Burkle
    a chord progression game, involving birds on a wire

  • Scattered by Wendy Danqiu Nie
    word to sound association explorer

  • SongMonster by Maisy Wieman
    a musical toy for kids real-time voice-to-instrument timbres translator

  • Ear Master by Sizi Chen
    interactive ear training game

  • M.N.P.L. by Pablo Castellanos Macin
    a music notation scripting tool

  • Cadence by Matt Alexander
    a simon-says drumming game

  • Death by Butterflies by Adrian Sierra and Miles Johnson
    a MIDI-based musical games

  • Guitar Face by Roshan Vidyashankar and Gina Collecchia
    vision-tracked guitar face performance environment

  • Blue Glass by Azim Pradhan
    glass walls that plays the blues

  • Voice Darts by Joel Chapman
    voice-controlled dart game for ear training

  • WaveDraw by Woody Herman
    interactive wavetable synthesizer/sequencer

  • Squishy World by Alice Fang
    organic sonic explorations

  • Helvetica and Nebulae by Priya Shekar
    a skybox granulator

  • Underwater Jellyfish World by Stephanie Zhan
    an underwater music world

  • lovestep by Zachary Saraf and Raymond George Kennedy
    a networked collaborative step squencer

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