Music 256a / CS 476a | Final Projects
Music, Computing, and Design (Fall 2011)
Ge Wang and Jorge Herrera (TA)

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  • Borderlands by Chris Carlson
    interactive audio-visual granular sampler

  • Play 'Round by Eli Marschner and Yu-Ta Lu
    space for collaborative rhythmic exploration

  • Magic Music Planet by Tony Zhang
    music improvisation toy

  • Jeneration by Jennifer Hsu
    where sound, nature, and tree generation weave together

  • Fiery MIDI Revenge by Matthew Watson
    a MIDI-based rhythm game

  • LoopMuse by Timothy Wong
    loop-based point-and-click step sequencer

  • The Last Tonebender by Benjamin Swieskowski
    audio input controlled computer game

  • DuetYourself by Sarah Smith
    real-time voice-controlled counterpoint generator

  • SoundHoop by Linden Melvin
    a different breed of sequencers

  • Froot Loops by Stephen Henderson
    tool for aspiring loop pedal artists

  • Miles Ahead by Mayank Sangeneria
    generative improvisation toy and tool

  • Voice Controlled Games by Chris Farjado
    hand-free gaming

  • Lead Singer by Alvin Heng
    real-time voice-to-instrument timbres translator

  • A Social Music Maker by Chamal Samaranayake
    collaborative beat maker

  • untitled by Lauchlan Casey
    audio-visual performance interface

  • tulpasynth by Colin Sullivan
    real-time collaborative music creation system

  • Sour Mash by Derek Tingle
    feature-based mash-up explorer

  • Sinkapater by Jeff Harriman
    drop a beat, one drip at a time

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