Music 256a / CS 476a | Final Projects
Music, Computing, and Design (Fall 2010)
Ge Wang | Nick Bryan (TA)

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  • S.Mash by Sean Coffin
    software for rapid acquisition and creation of audio samples and clips

  • Flying Dream by Michael Rotondo
    musical first-person movement game...

  • sequins by Michael Wilson
    a spectral modeling synthesis sampling step sequencer

  • Audio Butcher by Ilias Karim
    a minimalist audio sampling and mixing software

  • Bass Track by Ben Roth
    interactive listening game

  • Glitch by Francesco Georg
    crazy audio-visual doppler-induced environment

  • Graph Tunes by Crystal Lemire
    making music with Markov Chains

  • Soniverse by Jason Riggs
    a universal system for music creation

  • VOIDSTAR by Isaac Wang
    2d music-mediated space shooter

  • Laterna by Daniel Smith
    a barrel piano for the 21st century

  • Piano Pong by Hunter McCurry
    music-theory-powered game of pong

  • Pendula by Elie Noune
    networked game based on harmonographs

  • LiveLyrics by Salik Syed
    interactive lyric visualization

  • Chord Collider by Hyung-Suk Kim
    a chord mash-up application

  • everylayer by Andrew Hershberger
    a social sound iterator

  • Sound Doodle by Rahul Agarwal
    image-based music maker

  • MakamCake by Phaedon Sinis
    interactive system for exploring microtonal Middle Eastern music

  • TerraSona by Andrew Vogel
    a music-generated world

  • ROTAR by Xiang Zhang
    voice-controlled guitar synthesizer

  • Drum City 3000 by Nina Chen
    drum sequencer + sim city 3000

  • Melody Generator by Ravi Kondapalli
    a system for melody generation

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