Music 256a | Final Projects
Music, Computing, and Design (Fall 2009)
Ge Wang

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  • Growl Hero by Uri Nieto
    musical game leveraging feature-based scream-detection

  • SoVND by Mindy Chang
    a system for sonification/visualization of neural data

  • Pictone by Shiwei Song
    computer vision-based musical notation/performance system

  • the Insaniac by Adam Somers and Nick Kruge
    an environment for exploring granular synthesis + physics-based interaction and visualizations

  • VLIM by Jesse Cirimele
    collaborative performance/visualization system

  • SharePhone by Sang Won Lee
    remote music listening/interaction system

  • DIA by Jay Bhat and Charles Forkish
    a visual feedback system for a cappella training

  • Sound Explorer by Roy Fejgin
    environment for interactive sonic exploration via visualization

  • Intuition by Kevin Montag
    framework for transferring "sonic qualities" between sounds

  • AwesomeBox by Ravi Parikh and Keegan Poppen
    a system for interactive pitch correction/manipulation

  • SUPA by Colin Raffel
    machine-assisted loop explorer

  • BeatBox Hero by Ankit Gupta and Rohan Jain
    game based on real-time beat-boxing by-example

  • Lush by Hongchan Choi
    an "organic" interactive musical environment

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