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How to Solder Comic
Sparkfun – What is a Circuit?
Sparkfun – Voltage, Current Resistance, and Ohms Law
Sparkfun – Voltage Dividers
Sparkfun – Pull-up Resistors
Sparkfun – Series and Parallel Circuits

Sparkfun – How To Use a Multimeter
Sparkfun – How to Read a Schematic
Sparkfun – AC vs DC
Kadis – Introduction to Electronics
CCRMA Wiki – Intro to Electronics

Electronics Supplies
Guide to Crimp Connectors



Arduino Cheat sheet
Arduino In a Nutshell
Intro to Arduino Book – Excellent for people who like a more methodical approach and are just starting to code.
Sparkfun – Processing and Max/MSP
Sparkfun – Installing an Arduino Library
Sparkfun – Arduino Shields
Sparkfun – Arduino Comparison Guide
Multitasking And Arduino
Microcontroller Architecture



Sensor Wiki
ITP on Sensors


Ken Rinaldo’s List of Artists, Scientist, Researchers, Inventors, Organizations, festivals, Exhibitions, conceptual and technical reading sources.


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