Lectures: Pd

  1. First, we need to do a few things to set up your environment for using Pd and doing our labs.
    • Create a 250a Driectory
      • From a terminal window type:
        [~] mdkdir music250a
    • Set up your Pd environment
      • Save the file .pdsettings into your home direcotry. On the CCRMA network, the easiest way to install the file is to type
        [~] cp /usr/ccrma/web/html/courses/250a/lectures/pd/.pdsettings ~
    • Save the lecture (a series of Pd patches) in your 250a directory: pd_lecture.tar.gz
    • Extract the notes:
       [~] cd ~/250a
       [250a]  tar zxf pd_lecture.tar.gz
  2. From the Pd window, use File -> Open to read and try the patches from the lecture notes.
  3. Look through the Pd Examples from the 'Help' Menu.