Final Project

Final projects for Music 250a are relatively open ended. You might decide to make a musical instrument, an interface/controller, an installation, etc. The only technical requirement is that it should use some sensors and a microcontroller. Any of the techniques studied in class and during labs/assignments can be used. Keep in mind that Romain and Mike are here to help you: feel free to make individual appointements with them or to come to office hours, etc.

Final presentations for Music 250a will take place on Monday March 7th and final deliverable for the class are due on Friday March 11th! Here’s a detailed overview of what to expect for the coming days in Music 250a:

Wednesday March 2nd: Critical Feedback Session With Roger Linn

Tomorrow, we’ll have our final critical feedback session for final projects. You’re all expected to show SIGNIFICANT advancement with your final project. This class is mandatory, if you cannot make it to class tomorrow, please let us know ASAP. Roger Linn will join us for this session! Be ready to talk about the format of your final presentation (see details below) and indicate special needs that you might have.

Monday March 7th: Final Class

This session is mandatory! Bring your FINISHED final project in class. If your project is not finished by this session, you will not be allowed to present in the evening which will have a significant impact on your final grade!

Monday March 7th: Final Presentation

Final presentations will take the form of a demo session. Booths with tables will be installed on the CCRMA stage. Each project will get its own booth. At the beginning of final presentations, each student will be able to present its project to the group. Each presentation should not exceed 1:30 mins, should not involve slides, and should feature a demo. Feel free to give technical details about your project but the most important part is to give a small demo/performance. Once you will have presented your project to the audience, people will be able to walk around and ask you questions.

Final presentations will take place at 6:30pm.

Mike and I will be on the CCRMA stage from 5pm to help you set up.

Feel free to invite your friends, etc.

Final Deliverable: Due on Friday March 11th

The following final deliverable should be sent to Romain and Mike by March 11, 2022:

A demo video (as a video file, e.g., .mov, .mp4, etc.) demonstrating your final project. The format is completely open but it should not exceed 2 minutes and it should contain a music statement. Make sure that this video is well crafted as it will remain posted on the course website after the class is over. Some nice high resolution pictures of your instrument (at least 6). A packages (.zip file) containing all the sources of your project (e.g., Faust, Arduino, OpenScad files, etc.) as well as a README describing its content and including a description/abstract of your project.

We do care about the quality of the video and of the photos you will submit. Hence, we’ll have an HD camera and an audio interface at your disposal in the MaxLab on June 8th for you to make a high quality video for the documentation of your project. If you want to use these equipment, please sign up for a slot in this spreadsheet:

The quality of the video and of the sound in the video will be taken into account for your final grade!

Office Hours/Individual Meetings 

Mike and Romain will hold our usual office hours this week. Romain is happy to schedule individual meetings with any of you too. 

After this, you’ll be done with 250a!!