Music 250a -- Lecture 7


Romain Michon and Doga Cavdir (TA)

"Interfaces offering haptic feedback tend to reinforce the intimacy between human player and instrument, implementing mutualized DMIs".

Perry Cook*

*Perry Cook. Remutualizing the instrument: Co-design of synthesis algorithms and controllers. In Proceedings of the Stockholm Music Acoustics Conference (SMAC-03), Stockholm, Sweden, August 2003.

Sile O'Modhrain

Passive Haptic Feedback

Vibrotactile Feedback

Here the Vibloslide (Mark Marshall and Marcello Wanderley)

Haptics and Physical Modeling

Pioneering work at ACROE (Grenoble, France) with the TGR (Transducteur Rétroactif Gestuel)

Charles Nichols' vBow

Edgar Berdahl's Haptic Drum

SynthAModeler (Ed Berdahl)

Ed Berdahl's Fire Fader

Electrotactile feedback -- Explored on touchscreens but not really in the field of NIME: a nice research project?