Final Project

Final projects for Music 250a are relatively open ended. You might decide to make a musical instrument, an interface/controller, an installation, etc. The only technical requirement is that it should use some sensors and a microcontroller. Any of the techniques studied in class and during labs/assignments can be used. Feel free to prototype your project in SolidWorks, etc. Keep in mind that Romain and Doga are here to help you: feel free to make individual appointements if you’d like to use a special tool/technique if you’re not sure about the design of your project, etc.

In order to keep you busy and also to keep track of your advancement, we plan to have milestones every week. Deliverable for milestones will be posted weekly at the bottom of this page.

Final projects will be featured during a final performance that will take place on the CCRMA stage on March 13th at 7pm. Individual presentations/performances should not exceed 2 minutes. There will be a rehearsal on CCRMA stage on March 11th.

Final Project Milestone I (due on Feb. 21, 2019)

Final Project Milestone II (due on Mar. 4, 2019)

Final Presentations Rehearsal (Mar. 11, 2019)

Final presentations rehearsal will take place on March 11th on the CCRMA stage (3d floor). Please, sign up for one rehearsal slot (or more, depending on your setup) on this spreadsheet:

Projects should be functional by the time of the rehearsal!

Final Presentations (7pm, Mar. 13, 2019)

Final presentations will take place on the CCRMA stage on March 13 at 7pm.

Video Photo/Shoot & Project Documentation (Mar. 14-15, 2019)

As a final deliverable for your project, we want to shoot a short video of you presenting your instrument/interface and take a few pictures of it. We’ll be doing that on March 14-15 in studio D and E (respectively). We’ll have proper AV equipment set up there. All students are expected to sign up for one time slot on this spreadsheet: You should bring your instrument with you for that, of course ;).

After this, you’ll be done with 250a!!