Scanned Synthesis

Bill Verplank, Max Mathews, Rob Shaw, Interval Research, 1998

ICMC 2000 paper

US Patent

Haptic Dynamics: unstable without force feedback, Scott Snibbe

Haptic String: mass-spring-damper simulation as wave shape, Bill Verplank

Haptic Cochlea - exponentially varying spring-rates along the string, Bill Verplank

Haptic Plate - hexagonal grid of masses linked with springs, Bill Verplank

Scanned Synthesizer programmed by Bill Verplank played by Richard Boulanger

Radio Baton controlling Circular String by Max Mathews

FSR Strips controlling Circular String, Bob Adams and Tim Perkis

Chaos: Boiling Heat Equation by Rob Shaw

Chaos: Kuromoto-Shivashinsky by Rob Shaw

Scanning a Physical System: The Snake by Perry Cook