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MUSIC 250A / CS377C
Human Computer Interaction Theory and Practice:
Designing New Devices

    Setting Up Your Account

      There are some changes that need to be made to your account settings in order to do the labs for this course. There are two ways of making these changes. You can make these changes, as well as copy the avrlib by executing a script. Or, you can do everything manually.

      Option 1 - execute the script

      • NOTE! This will create a directory in your home directory called "250a". If you already have a "250a" directory there, do not run the script. Either move your existing directory or talk to one of the TAs if you need help.
      • The script is located at /usr/ccrma/web/html/courses/250a/250a_setup. Execute it by typing:
        ~> /usr/ccrma/web/html/courses/250a/250a_setup

      Option 2 - make the changes yourself

      • NOTE! This assumes you know a small amount about linux, but it may be educational to anyone.
      1. Add the following to your .pdrc file:
        -alsa -midiindev 2 -midioutdev 2 -path /usr/ccrma/courses/250a/pd/externs -lib OSC

        You can do this by navigating to your home directory, opening (or creating) the file ".pdrc" in an editor, and copying that text into the file. Note that there should be no line breaks or carriage returns.

      2. Add the following to the end of your .cshrc file:

        alias kermit1 kermit -y /usr/ccrma/courses/pid2003/etc/ccrmattyS0.ini
        alias kermit2 kermit -y /usr/ccrma/courses/pid2003/etc/ccrmattyS1.ini

        As with #1, you can do this by navigating to your home directory, opening the file ".cshrc" in an editor, and copying the text to the end of the file. Note that these are three separate lines.

      3. Source your .cshrc file. From your home directory, you can type:
        ~/>source .cshrc
        or else you can close the terminal and open a new one. This updates the changes you've made to your path.

      4. Copy and uncompress the avrlib.
        • You should create a directory for your course materials, e.g. "250a".
        • From that directory, uncompress the avrlib. You can copy over the tarfile from /usr/ccrma/web/html/courses/250a/avrlib/ if you want, but it's not necessary. You can just uncompress it into your directory by typing:
          ~/250a> tar xzf /usr/ccrma/web/html/courses/250a/avrlib/avrlib_ccrma-20030806.tar.gz

      5. (Optional) The setup script will copy the contents of lab1 as well. Do that by typing:

        cp /usr/ccrma/web/html/courses/250a/lab1/code/lab1.tar.gz ./

        from within ~/250a, and now you are ready to start working on the labs.



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