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MUSIC 250A / CS377C
Human Computer Interaction Theory and Practice:
Designing New Devices

    Getting Started With Linux

    1. You need a CCRMA login and password. We will hand out a form in class, and return it to you with your login and password, as well as a door code for after-hours access.
    2. Log in to a linux machine. Linux machines at CCRMA have blue login screens and a picture of a penguin.
    3. Open a terminal. If one doesn't open when you log in, click the footprint icon on the bottom panel.
    4. Change your passowrd. Type passwd at the prompt
      Changing password for username
      (current) UNIX password:

      Enter your assigned password, and then choose a new one that you will remember.
    5. You are now ready to use linux. Here is a list of helpful commands:
    6. cd      - change directory
      cp      - copy
      mv      - move
      mkdir   - make directory
      rm      - remove file/dir
      rmdir   - remove an empty directory
      rm -r   - remove recursively
      rm -i   - interactive remove
      ls      - list all files
      pwd     - print working directory
      cat     - display file
      more    - display file by pages
      man     - manual pages
      tar xzf - decompress a gzipped tar archive (eg. archivename.tar.gz )
      tar xcf - create a gzipped tar archive
      xemacs   -start xemacs editor
      gedit    -start gedit editor
    7. For more information about a command, use the man (manual) pages. For example, to learn how to use more, type man more.
    8. Some helpful tools at CCRMA:

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