Course Materials

MUSIC 250A / CS377C
Human Computer Interaction Theory and Practice:
Designing New Devices


    • avrlib-demo.tar.gz - a set of demo programs for the avrlib. These demonstrate some of the basic functions of our system. To use them, copy and uncompress the archive. Then, for each demo, type make in the demo directory.

    • By default, the makefiles point to a copy of the avrlib on the ccrma system at /usr/ccrma/courses/250a/avrlib , but you may want to change them to point to your own copy. Assuming you've copied and made the avrlib in your ~/250a/avrlib directory, and your user name is johnson, you could open a makefile in an editor and change the following lines from:
      INCLUDES= -I/usr/ccrma/courses/250a/avrlib -I$(AVRPATH)/avr/include
      LIBS=/usr/ccrma/courses/250a/avrlib/avrlib.a -lc

      INCLUDES= -I/user/j/johnson/250a/avrlib -I$(AVRPATH)/avr/include
      LIBS=/user/j/johnson/250a/avrlib/avrlib.a -lc

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