Resources: Binaural Sound


Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs)

There are a few DAW programs that can support the workflows we will be using

Other DAWs, such as Logic, are limited in the number of channels that the master bus can handle and are thus not suitable for the type of work we will be doing with them (for example, to support 3rd order Ambisonics rendering the master bus has to be 16 channels wide)

VST Plugins

Plugin collections that are useful for binaural rendering:

Reaper Plugins

These plugins are specific for Reaper (although they can be used with other VST hosts through )


There are several options for working with Ambisonics and binaural audio in SuperCollider. You will need to install both SuperCollider and the SC3-Plugins for your platform.

Once you have SuperCollider working, you can install: