Course Information

Class: Tue+Thu 12:30pm-1:50pm
Labs/Office Hours: TBD
Location: Online Course

Course Summary

The course will include historical background, theory and techniques for the use of space in music composition and diffusion. We will use both speaker arrays and binaural audio over headphones (and sound capture with the goal of creating short pieces and sound art). In lieu of access to CCRMA’s multichannel surround facilities, we plan to ship small loudspeaker array kits (the "Surrounded @ Home" kit, 5.1 or 7.1 sound) to students who enroll in the course. This will enable students to experiment with a multi-speaker array at home (with all speakers on a 2D plane), we will provide all required equipment.

Topics include:






Week 1

January 12: [1] Introduction, overview of course

January 14: [2] Introduction to Binaural Sound and Workflows (Reaper, Doug McCausland; Ardour, F Lopez-Lezcano)

Lab/Assignment: Binaural tests

Week 2

January 19: [3] From Microphones to Ambisonics (introduction to Ambisonics)

January 21: [4] High Order Ambisonics (HOA, part 1) (introduction to HOA)

Week 3

January 26: [5] High Order Ambisonics (HOA, part 2)

January 28: [6] Special Lecture: Doug McCausland: Advanced Reaper Workflows

January 28: [6] Ambisonics Transformations

Week 4

February 2: [7] Reverberation and Virtual Spaces

February 4: [8] Master Class: John Chowning, "Turenas: the realization of a dream"

Week 5

February 9: [9] Special Lecture: Elliot Kermit Canfield-Dafilou, "The Lost Voices of Hagia Sophia"

February 11: [10] Reverberation and Virtual Spaces, Part 2 (and other topics)

Week 6

February 16: [11] Panning

February 18: [12] Special Lecture: Doug McCausland: Hands-On Electronics & Ambisonics in Max/MSP

Week 7

February 23: [13] Soundfield Microphones: Design and Calibration

February 25: [14] Special Lecture: Aaron Heller: Ambisonics Decoders

Week 8

March 2: [15] Soundfield Microphones: Beyond First Order, Part 2

March 4: [16] Sound Diffusion Systems

Week 9:

March 9: [17] Special Lecture: François Germain, Wave Field Synthesis

March 11: [18] Final Project Reviews

Week 10

March 16: TBD

March 18: Final Project Presentation