Course Information

Class: Mon+Wed 1:30pm-2:50pm
Labs/Office Hours: TBD
Location: The Knoll, Room 317 (The Stage)

Course Summary

The course will include historical background, theory and techniques for the use of space in music composition and diffusion. We will use both speaker arrays and binaural audio over headphones (and sound capture with the goal of creating short pieces and sound art). We will be using CCRMA's multichannel surround facilities, including the Listening Room (full 3D 22.8 speaker array), our small concert hall, the Stage (using a full dome with a 56.8 speaker system), and other smaller surround studios available in our building. We will also talk about approaches that could enable you to experiment with surround sound at home.

Topics include:






Week 1

January 9: [1] Introduction, overview of course

January 11: [2a] Introduction to Ambisonics Reaper workflows

January 11: [2b] Three on Four, three pieces on four channels

Week 2

January 16: MLK, Holiday

January 18: [3] From Microphones to Ambisonics, spatial sound perception fundamentals, microphones, microphone techniques, and a visit to a microphone jungle

Week 3

January 23: [4] Panning, introduction to amplitude panning

January 25: [5] Ambisonics, part 1, introduction to Ambisonics

Week 4

January 30: [6] Diffusion Systems

February 1: [7] Ambisonics, part 2, more on Ambisonics including HOA

Week 5

February 6: [8] Reverberation and Virtual Spaces

February 8: [9] Special Lecture: Barbara Nerness, Hidden Values, The Umbrella

Week 6

February 13: [10] Special Lecture: Raviv Ganchrow, Agora Circuit

February 15: [11] Binaural Sound

Week 7

February 20: President's Day, Holiday

February 22: [12] Special Lecture: Hassan Estakhrian

Week 8

February 27: [13]

March 1: [14]

Week 9:

March 6: [15]

March 8: [16] Final Project Reviews

Week 10

March 13: TBD

March 15: Final Project Presentation