Music 220C

Research Seminar in Computer Generated Music


This course is an opportunity for students who have completed Music 220A/B to pursue an independent research project in computer music. Students regularly present their research and project progress in weekly seminar-style class meetings. In addition, projects in progress are documented on the web thoroughly.

This is a 4-unit course. It can be taken for 2 or 3 units to accommodate grad students, but everyone is expected to work at the 4-unit level.

Time & Place

Tuesday and Thursday
11:30am-1:20pm at CCRMA Classroom, The Knoll, 2nd floor.

Teaching Staff

Chris Chafe (
Teaching Assistant
Jack Atherton (


Students can choose between a research project, a musical/artistic project or a combination of both. Projects require a substantial amount of documentation in the form of a website. The deliverables are:

Final Presentations

The final presentation format, date, and time will be determined within the first few weeks of class.


The grading criteria will be based on: