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Music 220C – Spring 2008 / Spring 2007
Music 220B – Winter 2009 / Winter 2008 / Winter 2007
Music 220A – Fall 2008 / Fall 2007

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Computer Music Languages

Common Lisp Music

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Instructor: Juan-Pablo Caceres
jcaceres [at] ccrma [dot] stanford [dot] edu

TA: Miriam Kolar
kolar [at] ccrma [dot] stanford [dot] edu

Office hours by appointment

Class meetings: Tuesday and Thursday 10:00-11:50am [Class Room @ the Knoll]


This course is an opportunity for students who have completed Music 220a and Music 220b to pursue an independent research project in computer music. Students regularly present their research and project progress in a weekly seminar-style class meeting. In addition, projects in progress are documented on the web.


Jakes Bejoy
CARMA Space Project - Explorations into spatial orchestration and intelligent sound desing

Joel Darnauer
Moflo - Extracting Rhythm from Video

Visda Goudarzi
Gestonic: Sonification of Hand Gestures

Andy Greenwood
Acoustic Test Signal MATLAB Interface

Craig Hanson
An Electronic Composition Through Intelligent Glitch Effects

Isak Herman
Real-time Algorithmic Composition Software

Jorge Herrera
OnLine Collaborative Musical Instrument

Kapil Krishnamurthy
Pitch Tracking and Harmonization

Juhan Nam
Simulation of orchestral sounds using recorded samples of single musical instruments

Jason Sadural
Global Internet Audio

Michael Zeligs
Intuitive Interfaces for Live Performance