Music 220b | winter 2021
Compositional Algorithms, Psychoacoustics, and Computational Music
Ge Wang and Mike Mulshine (TA)

lectures | assignments | portfolios

class: MW 4:00-5:20pm
location: (virtual over Zoom)
prerequisite: none; (220a optional)

course summary:

This is the second course in the 220 series. It investigates computer-mediated composition, advanced sound synthesis techniques, as well as the aesthetics of computer-mediated music composition, and as they relate to psychoacoustics, and spatial processing. The course uses the ChucK programming language for assignments and projects. The format consists of in-class discussions and lectures, individual and group assignments, studio critiques, and a final project.

synthesis / analysis topics:
  • subtractive synthesis, filters
  • modulation / AM / FM synthesis / waveshaping
  • timbre, sculpting, perception
  • granular synthesis / FOF's / phism
  • FFT / audio analysis / UAna in ChucK / resynthesis / event detection
  • formant-based synthesis
  • learning to program these via ChucK
computer music + compositional algorithms topics:
  • tools and techniques for creating computational music
  • approaches for computer-mediated composition
  • algorithmic sonification
  • aesthetics of computer-mediated composition and performance

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