Music 220b | winter 2016
Compositional Algorithms, Psychoacoustics, and Spatial Processing
Ge Wang and Tim O'Brien (TA)

lectures | assignments

class: T+Th 10:30am-12:20pm
location: CCRMA classroom (the Knoll)
prerequisite: 220a - or by instructor's permission.

course summary:

This is the second course in the 220 series. It investigates algorithmic composition, advanced sound synthesis techniques, as well as audio analysis, and elements of computer-mediated music composition and as they relate to psychoacoustics, and spatialization. Additionally, we will explore computer-mediated performance as well as issues of aesthetic in computer music. The course uses the ChucK programming language for assignments and projects. The format consists of in-class discussions and lectures, individual and group assignments, a final project, as well as an experimental live performance component.

synthesis / analysis topics:
  • subtractive synthesis, filters
  • modulation / AM / FM synthesis / waveshaping
  • timbre, sculpting, perception
  • granular synthesis / FOF's / phism
  • FFT / audio analysis / UAna in ChucK / resynthesis / event detection
  • formant-based synthesis
  • learning to program these via ChucK
algorithmic composition topics:
  • computational aesthetics
  • algorithmic composition tools and approaches
  • elements of computer-mediated composition
  • algorithmic sonification
  • rule-based, constraint-based systems
  • state machines / cellular automata / genetic algorithms
  • aesthetics of computer-mediated composition and performance
  • homework #0: Computational (An)aesthetics
    due date: 2016.1.11, Monday, 11:59:59pm

  • homework #1: Homebrew
    milestone: 2016.1.19, Tuesday, in-class
    due date: 2016.1.27, Wednesday, 11:59:59pm

  • homework #2: Generative Drum Machine + Soundscape
    milestone: 2016.2.2, Tuesday, in-class
    due date: 2016.2.8, Monday, 11:59:59pm

  • homework #3: Granular
    milestone: 2016.2.16, Tuesday, in-class
    due date: 2016.2.22, Monday, 11:59:59pm

  • final project: Computer-mediated, Audio-visual, Composition / Live Performance
    due dates:
    • milestone 0 (in-class, Tuesday, 2/23/2016 in-class)
      initial sketch, detailing vision, sound, music, interaction, aesthetics, music technology involved
    • milestone 1 (in-class, Tuesday, 3/1/2016 in-class)
      initial working system, with sound, visual, and core performance
    • milestone 2 (in-class, Tuesday, 3/8/2016 in-class)
      fully working system + fully fleshed out performance, complete as possible
    • all code/documentation/program notes: 2015.3.16, Wednesday, 11:59:59pm>
    • final performance: 2015.3.17, Thursday, 12:15pm, CCRMA Stage

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