Twelve note rows

See this short definition, or this more detailed description, or this page with nice "old style" scores, no midi note lists there!.

Another page with links to information about serial music...

Prime row: a list of all notes in the twelve note tempered scale (the original ordering)


  • Transposition
  • Retrograde
  • Inversion

transformations can be combined...

all notes in the piece should be derived from the prime row, of course rules are made to be broken and this is by no means absolute!

a matrix of transformations can be created with rows derived from the prime row. For example, here's an online calculator that returns the matrix (no, not that matrix!) given the prime row. Or this more detailed description, in particular a description of the algorithm that creates the matrix.

...sets examples.

Algorithms and Processes

...algorithms and processes examples.

...a text file of as modified in class.

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