(use-system system {keyword value}*)

Locates and loads an ASDF defined software package given its keyword system name. The system's installation directory is located using the following precedence rules:

  1. the directory is specified to use-system
  2. the directory is on asdf:*central-registry*
  3. the directory is located in the same parent directory as the CM installation directory

use-system supports the following keyword arguments:

:directory string
If specified, the absolute pathname to the directory containing the system definition file system.asd. This pathname must end with a directory delimiter, i.e. "/usr/local/lisp/" not "/usr/local/lisp".
:verbose {boolean | :trace}
Determines the amount of information printed during compilation and loading. If the value is false then no messages are printed during either the compile or load steps. If the value is boolean true then file pathnames are echoed to the terminal as they are compiled and loaded. If the value is :trace then the compiler prints top-level form as they are processed from each file. The default value is boolean true.
:warnings boolean
If true then compiler warnings are printed otherwise they are not. The default values is false.


Example 1. Loading software with use-system.

(use-system :fomus)

(use-system :clm :verbose nil)

(use-system :portmidi :directory "/usr/local/portmidi/")

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