Assignment Two

due Tuesday February 28th by midnight

Assignment 2 is due February 28th, at 11:59pm.


One of the Common Music pattern classes we looked at a while back can represent Markov chains (learn more in Common Music's tutorial on Markov). Get a midi file of your own music or music you like - excluding the "Happy Birthday" song and the Foster analysis that is part of the Common Music examples, of course - and load it into Common Music (see import-events. Then create a Markov chain from the note data or rhythmic data included in the midi file (or both) using the markov-analyze function.

The Markov pattern will be a source of key numbers or rhythms, depending on what aspect of your midi file you have analyzed, and could be used to create a sequence of notes somewhat resembling the pitch or rhythmic transitions of the original material.

Your short musical study should further process the resulting note or rhythmic data (ie: just rendering the plain output of the Markov pattern is not enough). You could use, for example, functions borrowed from the previous assignment, or other processing functions found elsewhere...

Some further help and pointers to useful Common Music functions needed for this assignment are here

a few requirements:

Please read this: your submission should include all the lisp code that generates the piece in a way that we can recreate it from scratch. Please test the code before including it in the submission.

Important: a plain copy of one of the examples we went through during the class with some numbers changed will not get you much in terms of grade. Those examples are just a starting point for your experimentation.

Have fun!