Music 220b: Winter 2001
Fernando Lopez-Lezcano, instructor
Christopher Burns, teaching assistant
Tamara Smyth, teaching assistant

Week 4: project proposal requirements

Regarding final project proposals:

The following guidelines are designed to help you develop and propose a compositional idea for your final project. If you would like to propose a research-oriented final project, please discuss your idea with the teaching staff before writing your proposal.

For composition projects, we expect you to use the tools taught in class -- and we recommend the use of CLM/Lisp for obvious reasons. If you wish to use another platform, please consult with us prior to making your proposal. We strongly encourage you to explore the domains for which these tools are particularly well suited -- for instance:

Specify your goals for the project by thinking through the following questions:

You are welcome to change your answers to these questions as you work on your project, but they make a useful starting point. Note that it's not necessary to decide which synthesis and/or algorithmic composition techniques you might use at this point -- in particular, there are many different (and more sophisticated) algorithmic techniques left to learn. Thinking through your musical goals will help you to recognize and select the particular tools which will work best for your project.

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