Music 220b: Winter 2001
Fernando Lopez-Lezcano, instructor
Christopher Burns, teaching assistant
Tamara Smyth, teaching assistant

Week 1: the /zap directory

/zap is a directory on each workstation at CCRMA (it's local to the hard disk of each machine, rather than distributed across the network. It has the special property of being erased every time a user logs out. As a result, it's the ideal place to put scratch files, temporary soundfiles, and so on. (As you'll see, the (with-sound) macro writes soundfiles to /zap by default).

As each CCRMA user is limited to 20 megabytes of disk space in their home directory, we recommend that you generate all soundfiles in /zap, and regenerate them as you need them. When the time comes to work on a longer project Fernando can assign you disk space for the medium-term storage of your soundfiles....

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