When using a linux desktop (or laptop) computer with the UA-101, do these in sequence:

  1. check UA-101 sample rate knob -- if not at the desired rate (48kHz for 220a class), change the setting and power cycle the UA-101 with upper right power/output knob
  2. start qjackctl, [click setup] : interface : [click] ">" -- if not UA-101, select that and [ok]
  3. for miniAudicle, start virtual machine and check that it's counting by seconds
  4. for miniAudicle, once upon a time, check that edit : preferences is set to more than 2 output channels if using more than 2 in your work
  5. for chuck (command line), if using more than 2 in your work, add the argument --channels4 (with no space)