Homework: Hello CCRMA, Hello Webchuck

  • Out: Sep 27, 2022 Tuesday
  • Due: Oct 11, 2022 Tuesday


  • Getting set up with a CCRMA acount
  • Using a terminal and learning some basic shell commands
  • Creating your 220a homework directory in your area on the CCRMA file system
  • Turning in webchuck homework

Key Results

  1. Webchuck page added to the homework factory CCRMA server.
  2. Chuck script on that page plays when clicked.
  3. Modifications to the script can be tested "live" on the page.

Creating your CCRMA account

To create a CCRMA account, fill out the account registration form (at our first meeting). CCRMA staff will activate all new accounts in the first week of classes.

Creating a CCRMA account is a prerequisite of Music 220A coursework. If you are not able to create one for some reason, make sure to consult the teaching team within the first week of class.

Lab -- getting started working with directories and files on the server

Login to CCRMA from a terminal (on your computer or on a computer at CCRMA). For the former, you'll need to run a terminal and use the secure shell command (SSH).

ssh USERNAME@ccrma-gate.stanford.edu

The above command requires substituting your CCRMA USERNAME (if your username is the same locally then you can elide USERNAME@

Take a look around at the directories created by default for new users, with the 'ls` command -- one of several commands in use in the class environment.


There should be a directory called Library which has a subdirectory Web for exporting contents to the web. Create a directory under that for your 220a work.

cd Library/Web
mkdir 220a
cd 220a

Using the following command, copy the helloCCRMA-helloWebchuck example from the course's Music 220A github code repository to your new 220a directory. Then list the contents of the directories and make sure hw0 contains an index.html file.

svn export https://github.com/ccrma/music220a/trunk/webchuck/helloCCRMA-helloWebchuck hw0
ls hw0

Check the homework factory.

The 220a directory on the CCRMA server is where the homework factory picks up your submited work. There should be a link displayed for hw0 at this point. Go to the homework factory at the top of this page and test that you can play it ok.

Modify the live code on the page and try out various suggestions.

The webchuck page index.html under the directory hw0 has a live chuck code editor built in. Experiment with the suggested modifications.

Live code modifications can't be saved directly from the page. To save, you would manually copy and paste to the index.html file in an editor, save it, and then refresh the page in the browser. We're not saving any customized work yet, however.