Final Project

Presentations I on Thu, 7-Dec 11:30am-1:20pm
Presentations II on Thu, 14-Dec 12:15pm-3:15


Complete a "mini-project" by the final project presentation date with documentation and any associated code or.wave files uploaded to the homework factory (fp.html). Choose one of the two dates and signup a slot to present in. The content is entirely up to you to invent/create/implement and present. A project can include short recorded pieces or performances, new synthesis methods and algorithms for music making, and more. Use Chuck for the music programming and use as many or as few audio channels as the work dictates. Web Audio and/or Faust are also options for languages to use.

Presentation of your work should be from your own laptop computer.

If using 4 channels, also post for turn-in an ambisonic encoded version in the way presented in HW2 and HW3. Any multi-channel content (i.e., greater than stereo) will need an external soundcard attached to your laptop and should be tested in the Stage before the 3-hour final project siege.

Note that you'll have limited time to present, so consider logistics in your presentation planning!


1: Project Proposal due on Thu 16-Nov

Please prepare a few sentences (up to a paragraph) and send to the TA's proposing your work, and any concerns/questions.

2: Individual Meetings (required) signup Thu 16-Nov (Classroom 11:30am-3pm, then Seminar Room 3pm-6pm)
3: Day Before Rehearsals and Testing (required) signup (all rehearsals in the Stage)
  • Wed 6-Dec (11am-5pm)
  • Wed 13-Dec (11am-5pm)
4: Final Presentation (required) signup (all on the Stage)
  • Thurs 7-Dec (10:30am-1:30pm)
  • Thurs 14-Dec (12:15pm-3:15pm)
5: Deliverablesdue on 14-Dec 12:15pm
  • The final project web page should be uploaded to the homework factory as "fp.html".