Homework: Final Project

  • Presentations I Dec 1, 2022 Thursday
  • Presentations II Dec 6, 2022 Tuesday
  • Presentations III Dec 8, 2022 Thursday
  • Presentations IV & V Dec 13, 2022 Tuesday 3:30 - 6:30pm


Final projects are small studies designed by participants in consultation with the teaching team. Individual meetings are held around the 7th week and presentations around the 10th week.

Key Steps

  1. Make a local directory fp containing the final project index.html. This also goes for projects which are fixed media, like a .wav file. The index.html files should link to the fixed media and describe it.

Project Definition and Delivery

There are lots of ways projects can go:

  • further elaborate a homework project of interest
  • compose some music with the tools we've learned
  • add new code features
  • for a sense of scope, look at final projects from earlier years (here)

Projects are presented to the group during the last three or four meetings.

Having the final project appear in the homework factory before presenting is a good way to go, since that makes it easy to demo and share with others. The grading team needs to see it there before the grading deadline for the quarter.