Here is a simple ChucK program that performs the above dataset with a sine wave. Click "Start" to run the ChucK code. Try out some live coding by editing something and then clicking "Replace" to hear your changes. Suggestions include, for example, lowering the 100::ms interval to speed up the tempo.

suggestions (copy and replace any of these items in live code)
// change timbre SawOsc osc => dac; // change pitch range osc.freq(vals[i]*1000+500); // change tempo 10::ms => now;
live code
50::ms => now; // start after 50ms SinOsc osc => dac; // play the data with a sine wave for (0 => int i; i < nVals; i++) { osc.freq(vals[i]*1000+200); // data values in range 0 - 1 100::ms => now; }