Music 220a: Foundations of Computer-Generated Sound

CCRMA Knoll Building Classroom: Tuesdays and Thursdays 10-11:50am

Textbook (optional): Real Sound Synthesis for Interactive Applications by Perry Cook

Instructor: Chris Chafe

TAs: Blair Bohannan (blairbo) and Jieun Oh (jieun5)

TA sessions: generally Fridays at noon (check calendar below), extra office hours by appointment

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listening room  |  CCRMA studios guides  |  Cakewalk UA-101 laptop audio workstations (and addendum for Music220a)

SICA-sponsored Hydrophone Expedition (Monterey Bay)

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Sep. 21

Introduction to the course syllabus, goals of course, new user accounts. ChucK language. Rob Hamilton's Tele-harmonium, John Chowning's Turenas.

Sep. 23

Sign up for student presentations. Pick source files for HW1 (detailed instructions for HW1 will be posted on course website tomorrow, 9/24) Confirm email list subscription and accounts. Ensembles.

HW1 has been posted, and it is due next Wednesday

From 9/24 Office Hours: notes | code example | if/else example

Sep. 28

Microphone building with Sasha. Max Mathews.

Please note that the dates for HW #2-5 have been changed. HW #1 is due tomorrow (you can submit the score at the start of class on Thursday 9/30).

There is a slight change in plan for Sasha's office hours to help people with the mic building. The new times are 9/30 (Thu) 2:30pm - 9pm, 10/5 (Tue) 1:00pm - 4pm, and 10/6 (Wed) 3pm - 9pm. If you can't make any of those times, please email Sasha directly (sleitman _at_ ccrma), and she will find another time to work with you individually.

Sep. 30


Student Presentations: John Granzow, Naveed Rabbani, Remington Wong, Ben Holtz, Cassidy Saenz

HW2 has been posted, and it is due next Wednesday, 10/6. Please do not wait until the last minute to do this homework as it has many parts, and email the teaching staff early on if you get stuck.

From 10/1 Office Hours: Programming | Chuck

Oct. 5

Mortuos Plango by Jonathan Harvey (1980), 100ms, synthesis, short history of synth; Synthesis Toolkit (STK)

Oct. 7

(campus-wide emergency drill) Ensembles: acoustic vs. laptop orchestra

Student Presentations: Kevin Dade, Hunter McCurry, Peter Livesey, Michael Wilson, Richard Davila, Spencer Salazar

HW3 has been posted, and it is due on Wednesday, 10/20.

Oct. 12

whale watch: images and audio

Dave Douglas & Keystone Spark of Being (2010). The Revenge (1978) --> under 220a/jukebox/. binaural and head-related transfer function (HRTF).

TA office hours this week will be 10-11:50am on Friday at ccrma ballroom (Jieun: 10-10:50am, Blair 11-11:50am)

Oct. 14

networked rehearsal with Pauline Oliveros

Student Presentations: Ravi Kondapalli, Chris Beachy, Elie Noune, Leland Farmer, Jimmy Tobin

Oct. 19

Sonification, "musification." Illusions: Gestalt grouping principles, polyphony. Quality of sound: (1) sampling rate (ex: telephone) and (2) # bits (ex: clipping). Chuck example to illustrate temporal resolutions and corresponding frequency-domain views

Chris will hold a session for those who need help on HW3 tomorrow (10/20) at 10:30am. There's no official TA office hours on Friday, but feel free to email us if you have any questions or want to set up an appointment.

Oct. 21

networked rehearsal with Pauline Oliveros

Student Presentations: Ben-Zhen Sung, Jiffer Harriman, Diego Vega, Ximena Ampuero, Alexei Dunaway, Chris Gold

HW4 has been posted, and it is due on Wednesday, 11/3.

Oct. 26

John Chowning

(1) HW4 has been updated (the "Turn in" part), so please double check and refresh your browser.
(2) Feedback for HW1 and HW2 have been sent out; please see Blair or Jieun if you have not received an email from us.
(3) This Friday at noon: session on how to use the listening room and studios

Oct. 28

Student Presentations: Garrett Schlesinger, Chris Carlson, Amber Goboy, Alex Bakir, Lucas Johnson, D. Atticus Anderson

networked rehearsal with Pauline Oliveros

Jieun will hold office hours on Monday (11/1) 1:30-3pm at CCRMA ballroom. Come by (or email Jieun and Blair) for questions on HW4.

Nov. 2

FIR/IIR filters, LTI systems, frequency response. Reverbs

Final presentations will be held on the last week of class (extending 1 more hour): Tue 11/30 and Thu 12/2, 10am-1pm. (No meeting during the "official" exam slot on 12/6.)
Chris will hold HW4 tutorial session tomorrow (Wed) at 1pm.

Nov. 4

Student Presentations: Christian Smith, Robert Bollier, Roberto Goizueta, Aaron Acosta, Mike Rotondo

Scores for Off a Craggy Cliff by Miya Masaoka (for next week's performance): page 1 and page 2

HW5 has been posted, and it is due on Friday, 11/19.

Nov. 9

Bruce Pennycook - compositions and research

Nov. 11

Nov. 16

Jieun's research

Nov. 18

Student Presentations: Reuben Moss, Ben Broer

Blair's research

Nov. 30

Final presentations #1

Dec. 2

Final presentations #2