220a Week 2 Music Examples

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Walter Ruttman
Weekend (1930)

Piece radiophonique/film pour l'oreille réalisée en 1930.

Production: Reichsrundfunkgesellschaft et Berliner Funkstunde. Premiére présentation, le 15 mai 1930 á Berlin. Premiére diffusion, le 13 juin 1930, dans le cadre du programme Piéces radiophoniques et films sonores.

Weekend a été présenté au duxiéme congrés international du film indépendant de Bruxelles en decembre 1930. Weekend est un film pour l'oreille, un film sonore sans images, enregistré et monté sur pellicule-son optique.


Pierre Schaeffer
Cinq études de bruits (1948) 12'00"

Le 5 octobre 1948 eut lieu le premier Concert de bruits sur la ChaƮne Parisienne de la radio.

Le programme comprenait les Cinq études de bruits (Etudes aux chemins de fer, Etude aux tourniquets, Etude violette, Etude noire, Etude pathétique) de Pierre Schaeffer.

Les relations entre ces creations et l'ouvre de Pierre Schaeffer sont de tous types (matériau, poétique...). "Having come to the studio to 'make noises speak', I stumbled onto music. . . . Although fragments of words or phrases may be included (like plants may be included in minerals), it goes without saying that they are diverted, if not from their meanings, at least from their use. For lack of music, a sort of sound poetry is thus created ex abrupto."
– P. Schaeffer

Original version first performance, Concert of Noises, French National Radio, October 5, 1948.


Olivier Messiaen
Catalogue d'oiseaux ("Bird catalogue"), piano (1956-58)
Book 1: iii Le merle bleu ("Blue rock thrush")


Steve Reich
It's Gonna Rain (1965)

was composed in San Francisco in January 1965. The voice belongs Brother Walter, a young Pentecostal preacher. Recorded along with the pigeons and traffic one Sunday afternoon in Union Square.

"Later I started playing with tape loops of his voice and, by accident, discovered the process of letting tow identical loops go gradually out of phase with each other."
– Steve Reich


John Cage
Rozart Mix (April 1965)
For at least 4 performers with at least 12 taperecorders and at least 88 tape-loops.

'Score' consists of correspondence between John Cage and Alvin Lucier, concerning the prepations for the Brandeis University concert, mentioned above. The tapes may contain any material and may vary in length (up to around 45 feet). If a loop breaks, it should be fixed or replaced by another. A performance of the piece starts with the audience entering, and ends when the last member of the audience has left.


Notes by Paul Miller, aka DJ Spooky
FTP>Bundle/ Conduit 23 (2001)