phone phonetics: hw2 (due 13-Oct 10am)

(based on 220a/examples/deep/ by Perry Cook)

220a/ck/ is an updated version

Turn in a sound file which portrays multiple phones starting to go off, each with a distinctive ring tone. Use the source / filter speech synthesis model above to create different voice-like ring tones synthesized with chuck.


Fire up the example 220a/ck/ (using jack and miniAudicle) and understand how its 3 phonemes (ch, uh, ck) are concatenated to form the word chuck. Save as a new filename, e.g. for test modifications and to practice recording them using audacity (in Preferences : Audio I/O : Recording : Device, select jack:chuck).

Set your record audio to stereo, 48000 Hz., 16-bit (uncompressed, .wav format). With the example above you will get good audio levels from chuck that are full-scale signal (but not clipping). If you mix in more sources or change gains or resonances things might change level-wise, so always keep an eye on it.


Create three different ring tones which are made to sound distinct enough so that each will be heard even with the others going on. You can both manipulate the internals of simple phonetic elements and find new sequences of elements.

For example, in your test file, test out changing the initial period of the buzz source to 350.0 Hz. Then, try altering the sequence of phonemes to be uh(); ch(); ck(); uh();

The various modifications possible are phoneme duration, formants (resonances), gain, and pitch (if buzzing) and inter-phoneme timing. A ring tone usually loops, so yours should too. Each ring tone should be saved as a different chuck file. Please do 3 different tempi. They could be variously rhythmic, startling, relaxing... whatever you like. Here's an example set which is only an example, yours should be different:

  1. (medium) ch-uuuuhhhhh-ck-ck-ck (silence) ch-uuuuhhhhh-ck-ck-ck (silence) ch-uuuuhhhhh-ck-ck-ck

  2. (fast) ck-eee, ck-eee, ck-eee, ck-eee (silence) ck-eee, ck-eee, (silence) ck-eee, ck-eee, ck-eee, ck-eee,

  3. (slow) chhhhhh-chhhhhh-chhhhhh-chhhhhh-chhhhhh-chhhhhh-chhhhhh-chhhhhh

Shred-it or Edit

The final soundfile should have overlapping sounds: the first ring tone starts, then layer in the second while the first continues, then layer in the third. Then stop the first, after a bit stop the second, and finally stop the third. Each ring should play for approximately 15 seconds. You can either perform this with miniAudicle shreds in real time or you can record separately using audacity and mix accordingly.

Turn in

With the name:


These are world readable files and will be available to the Douglas / Morrison project.