Music 220a: Foundations of Computer-Generated Sound

CCRMA Knoll Building Classroom: Tuesdays and Thursdays 10 - 11:50am

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Textbook Real Sound Synthesis for Interactive Applications by Perry Cook
(on order at bookstore)

Chris Chafe , Michelle Lou (TA office hrs: TBA)

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lecture topics (list) /// Unix // ChucK // Stk

September 2009








Fractal Cat (stage)

(Cook 1,2)

CCRMA Orientation I 12:00pm

build mic
and/or hydrophone
how to play
Turenas in the stage

CCRMA Orientation II 12:00pm

Concert Cantor Arts Center, Chafe plays Applebaum12:00pm


Sep. 22

Introduction to the course syllabus, goals of course, new user accounts, and CCRMA tour. Schedule of student music presentations. ChucK language quick tour.
Lopez-Lezcano A Fractal Cat

Sep. 24

Sasha Leitman demonstration of microphone building. A word about transducers, in general.
Chowning Turenas

Sep. 29

How much music in 100 msec? Periodicity, bottom end / top end of hearing. Audio sampling. "Found music" and the advent of recording: (composers) Ruttman, Schaeffer, Reich, Cage, et al. Needledrop demo, short music clips contain 1000 years? Context and implicit timescales.
Chafe, Transect

Oct. 1

Sampling resolution; SoX audio file swiss army knife. Bread and butter use of ChucK for synthesis.