MUSIC 220a 
Fundamentals of Computer-Generated Sound

Stanford University

Autumn Quarter 2000-2001

Meets Tuesday 10-1 pm in the CCRMA Ballroom at the Knoll.
Instructor: Prof. Chris Chafe

TA: Chris Jones

TA: Stefania Serafin


Date Tues. Lect. 10am Assignment Due
Oct 3 Course overview, Snd intro First tutorial 
10 Signals Homework #1: complex wave
17 iteratives Homework #2: birds
24 Instrument classes Homework #3: air column
31 Pd intro Homework #4 unholy flute
Nov 7 Texas, STK, listen--> Homework #5 additive synthesis
14 Music (collect
21 sound surround sources)
28 illusions, mixing #6 impulse responses
Dec 5 listen to -----> #7 mixed music

Final project presentation: 14 of december  (7-10 pm).


Project proposals


Snd manual

Software by Miller Puckette


An online Scheme Tutorial

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