Final Project!

I wanted to explore how sound interacts with itself in a culturally significant instrument to the Philippines--the kulintang. I isolated frequency ranges in Reaper and used web audio to import the sounds here.

This first sound is the strike of one of the gongs, unedited.


This second sound is a sequence of the different frequency ranges from the first sound divided by 1000. It follows this structure: 0-1000 Hz, 1000-2000 Hz, 2000-3000 Hz, 3000-4000 Hz, etc.


This third sound is the first 1000 Hz range alone (0-1000 Hz).

This sound takes the range 0-1000 Hz (what you just heard) and divides it into equal frequency ranges of 4 (0-250, 250-500, 500-750, 750-1000).


This is a simple application of the division of frequency ranges in a computer music piece. This piece is inspired by the stories of my family during the Battle of Manila. In the left ear, you will hear a simple melody while in the right ear, you will hear the repetition of the highest gong, which is symbolic of the oncoming bombs. You will also hear that same gong parsed into multiple randomized frequency ranges to represent the scattering and destruction.