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How to access your account

Using FTP Client (SFTP, remote) - Recommended

This method is similar with the second option, but it is optimized for file transfer. The biggest advantage of this method is using an SFTP client software with convenient graphic user interface to access CCRMA account. This will help you to navigate CCRMA file system without any hassles. This is also the best option when you are uploading your homework into your web directory.

Use this info to access your home folder:

Username: [your-ccrma-account]
Port: 22
Protocol: SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol)

When you log in to the system, you will be located at your home folder. However, you can go up to upper directories to look around the other files and folders. By doing so, you can download other useful files from many different places in the server.

Using workstations at CCRMA (local)

This is the most secure and fast way to log in to your account. However, as you know, you have to be present at CCRMA to use this method. In order to use your account, simply log in to any workstations at CCRMA with your CCRMA ID and password, which can be different from your SUID and password.

Logging in to the machine with this method will give you the access to CCRMA file system through the window-based user interface.

Using Terminal (SSH, remote)

This method is recommended when you want access from remote sites, such as your dorm room, COHO, Green Library and even out of campus. In order to use this method, you need to use a certain application on your personal computer. This is the best option when you are making lots of changes in your home folder. (e.g. making folders, changing file permission, zip/unzipping files and etc.)

  • OSX
    Go to Applications > Utilities, and run Terminal
  • Windows
    Use PuTTy
  • Linux
    You don't need my help.

Run the following command in the terminal to log in remotely:

ssh [your-ccrma-account]
$> ssh

Important places

Home directory

This is the directory where you have the full control of everything. You can create/modify/delete anything you want. Also this is the place you will be, when you log in to the machine remotely or locally.

This is the full path of your home directory in the CCRMA server:


When you're using terminal, you can type this command to go back to your home directory:

$> cd ~

Music 155 homework directory

You will create a directory for your homework. First off, you need to find your public web directory. ("~" will locate you at your home directory no matter where you are)

$> cd ~/Library/Web

Then create a new directory named "155", where you will save all your homework.

$> mkdir 155

Alternatively, you can use your favorite SFTP client to get these steps done.

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